My FIRE Investment Plan (As of Jun 2021)

I was reading my old entries and I realised that my last post on my investment plan was in Mar 2020. Since then, there has been so many changes in my thoughts and plans after much research and reading.

My Current Plan for my FIRE Portfolio:

TLDR: V3AA + some LGBT + some SG holdings (DBS and REITS). Read on if you want to find out more.

Focus on V3AA. This is the ESG version of VWRA, according to this blog post from Better Spider. I respect this blog because it had helped me a lot in navigating my initial difficulties with using IBKR (now I really love it!).

I put my money in VWRA vs the usual formula of IWDA/EIMI after reading this blog post from Kyith, also another respectable blogger. VWRA is an ETF comprising of investments in both developed and developing markets. I find this an ideal combination to diversify my money across global markets, and it’s also straightforward for lazy people like me (haha!).

Some people feel that they prefer the flexibility to decide their allocation of developed vs developing markets. If you do, then you might want to consider IWDA+EIMI or VHVE+VFEA (I found this combination in the comments section of FIREPath Lion’s blog post on 3-Fund Portfolio here)

I also intend to put a little bit in LGBT. This is an ETF that consists of top 100 companies in the S&P index, that are both inclusive towards the LGBTQ community, and ESG-focused (official launch news article here). I saw this last year but wasn’t sure if I wanted to put my money in it. But I figured that I want to encourage companies to support our community, so I want to show it with my money:)

Apart from V3AA, I will also intend to keep my favourite SG holdings. This includes my favourite bank, DBS (as long as Piyush is the CEO, and they maintain the perfect UX on their mobile app) and some REITS such as Ascendas, Suntec, Mapletree ones and Keppel DC.

In the meantime, I have decided to put my short-term funds (savings meant for my future home) in VUAA. This is an ETF for the S&P500 index. I’m not sure if this is the right move, but with low bank interest rates, and Singlife cutting their interests to 1%, I would rather keep my money in my investments.

You might have noticed that my ETFs (apart from LGBT) evolves around the letter V e.g. VWRA, V3AA and VUAA. Both are from a company called Vanguard. I prefer this company because I have read about it many FIRE books, blogs and forums. It is a unique company that is co-owned by all its shareholders, and not publicly traded, unlike other firms. Again, I’m not a finance expert but this approach makes them more credible to me.

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